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ClearView – Delivering multi-carrier technology

Businesses can now use a single platform to manage their end-to-end solution. AGL’s Multi-carrier technology is designed and set to change the way parcels are processed today through progressive, customisable software.

The Power of Cloud

ClearView is a Software as a Service (SaaS) web application designed to work on desktop computers, mobile and tablet devices. ClearView harnesses the unlimited power of Azure Cloud where a customer can use AGL’s global solution or implement a local or regional solution. ClearView scales automatically for when customers demand it the most ensuring peak performance.

ClearView eliminates costly system updates, outages and managing of on-Premise solutions with no disruption or downtime to your mission-critical operations.

The world of logistics is ever-changing, ClearView provides an unrivalled, always-on, high availability, scalable and secure solution.


ClearView delivers a first-class connected experience through seamless integration. At the heart of AGL’s communication layer beats the CVI (ClearView Integration). The CVI provides 24/7/365 communication between customers, clients, carriers and customer service agents using B2B, B2C services and bespoke Third-Party software integration. This vastly reduces operational costs and provides Clear communication and a simple View ensuring all parties are always kept in the loop.

All ClearView APIs are secure and rigorously tested.

Keeping it safe

All data held in ClearView is encrypted at rest and stored in AGL’s Azure Cloud environment that utilises the highest security standards. ClearView keeps all data in line with regulatory requirements such as GDPR. Data access is restricted and controlled with multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Regular security testing along with active 24/7 monitoring ensures maximum protection.

ClearView is hosted in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform rest assuring your data is safe and secure.